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White Paper: Smart KPIs for Accounting Firms

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This white paper is a great source of information for anyone wanting to establish Key Performance Indicators, while identifying useful service line splits and trends that help decision-making.

Every credible business needs to measure what matters. Without the measurement of meaningful KPIs and a monitoring and reaction regime, your measure of success  just becomes a stab in the dark.

The KPIs covered are:

  • Engagement KPIs
  • Revenue KPIs
  • Team KPIs


About the author

Richard Francis CEO Spotlight Reporting.pngRichard Francis

CA, CEO of Spotlight Reporting, ex GM of Workpapers for Xero and a Trusted Advisor with over 20 years of advisory experience. As the director of a ‘boutique’ professional practice in Wellington, Richard saw a need to improve analysis and forecasting for his clients. This led to the development of Spotlight Reporting.

In this eBook, Richard shared some inspiration and insight he gained over the years of advisory experience.