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Webinar_Transitioning-from-Compliance-to-AdvisoryFind out what it takes to transition over to advisory services and why success is a marathon, not a sprint. If you want to go beyond focusing on draining compliance work in your firm, to doing more meaningful, life-changing work for your clients, then watch this webinar recording to find out how!

Richard Francis (CEO of Spotlight Reporting) and Amy Vetter (CEO and thought-leader from The B3 Method Institute) have come together to discuss:

  • The leap of faith and commitment involved when transitioning from compliance-only to advisory, and why you’ll feel more fulfilled than a traditional accountant. 
  • How to choose a pathway and ways to deploy, focus and resource an advisory firm. 
  • Best practice for scaling up: execution, iteration, growing fees, and satisfaction!

Duration: 34 minutes

About the speakers 

Richard Francis_CEO_Spotlight ReportingRichard Francis, CEO, Spotlight Reporting 
CA, and a trusted advisor with 20+ years of advisory experience. As the director of a ‘boutique’ professional practice, Richard saw a need to improve analysis and forecasting for his clients. This led to him starting Spotlight Reporting – a global company and also the #1 reporting and forecasting app in the Xero ecosystem.  Richard was also GM of Workpapers for Xero.

Amy VetterAmy Vetter, CEO, The B3 Method Institute
As an award-winning, C-level executive and board member, Amy Vetter partners with organizations to create go-to-market strategies that scale operations, brand awareness and customer success to increase retention and revenue growth. As an educator, keynote speaker, and author, she strives to inspire a culture of mindfulness when utilizing technology.

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