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The Perfect Advisory Relationship

Looking to transition your business from accounting to advisory services? Understand the importance of value-add sessions, but don’t know how to deliver? 

This resource, written by Spotlight Reporting’s CEO, Richard Francis, is a practical guide to creating better relationships with clients, so you can facilitate better outcomes. 

In it, you’ll learn:

  • How to tailor your approach to your client’s needs.
  • The importance of great client-advisor relationships.
  • The Seven Pillars of a perfect advisory session.
  • How to effectively run a consultation to meet your client’s (and your own) goals.

With Richard’s added Perfect Ten Advisory Meeting Checklist, making every session count has never been easier. 

Build strong, lasting relationships with your clients, and watch your business grow.


About the author

Richard round 2Richard Francis
CA, CEO of Spotlight Reporting, ex GM of Workpapers for Xero and a Trusted Advisor with over 20 years of advisory experience. As the director of a boutique professional practice, Richard saw a need to improve analysis and forecasting for his clients. This led to the development of Spotlight Reporting, which is now the #1 Reporting and Forecasting App in the Xero Ecosystem.



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