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As the economic crisis deepens each week, more businesses are put on life support. Some businesses are showing resilience and have fought back by switching to 'Plan B’. With coaching, they've quickly pivoted their offerings or the way they run, in order to increase their chances of survival.

To help you understand the strategy of pivoting, Steve Kafritsas (Senior Account Manager at Spotlight Reporting) talks to Stefan Kazakis (Founder and CEO of Business Benchmark Group) as they discuss their perspectives on current events, and how businesses and accountants should respond. Learn:

  • Why you should pivot, not panic: the extent of the change your business needs to take, and advice on how to do it carefully.
  • Cashflow management strategies to ensure your business is in the strongest position to survive and thrive.
  • Tips to help you navigate from recession to recovery, and forecasting the future.

About the speakers

SteveSteve Kafritsas, Senior Account Manager at Spotlight Reporting
Our Senior Account Manager in Victoria, Steve, has plenty of cloud experience and has helped small businesses succeed with Xero and Spotlight Reporting. Steve’s background in accounting, small business and cloud experience gained over the years has allowed him to help accountants move into the advisory space.

Stefan Kazakis, Founder and CEO, Business Benchmark Group
As a speaker, author, facilitator and CEO of the Business Benchmark Group, Stefan has helped thousands of clients to achieve their strategic goals and increase business revenue. With a pragmatic, direct approach, he helps business leaders and their teams to realise their full potential and achieve amazing results.


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