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Loan Amortisation Rule and Dynamic Rules in Spotlight Forecasting

Loan Amortisation in Spotlight Forecasting-1

Our Loan Amortisation Rule and Dynamic Rules in Spotlight Forecasting are real time-savers for accountants. They reduce the the amount of time it takes to create a forecast by at least 30 mins!

Download this webinar recording to learn about our Loan Amortisation and Dynamic Rules features. Learning how to use the features effectively will save you time and improve the accuracy of your forecasts.

This 30-min webinar covers:

  1. Creating a loan rule.
  2. Working with loan parameters.
  3. Generating a loan amortisation schedule.
  4. Scenario analysis for varying repayments, different loan terms, or increased interest rates.
  5. Creating dynamic rules that link associated Profit & Loss accounts to update relevant values in the data grid as the base figures change.

Loan Amortisation Rule preview:

Loan Amortisation Rule

Dynamic Rules preview:

Dynamic Rules_4

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