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Video: Picking Low Hanging Fruit

Presented by Matt Wilkinson, Bizink & Danelle Whaanga, ACA

Picking low hangin fruit.png

77% of our surveyed accounting partners target their existing client database to engage advisory services. By focussing on selling to existing clients, you not only reduce your cost-to-acquisition, but you can take advantage of any up-sell opportunities to grow additional fee revenue.

This recorded webinar with Matt Wilkinson from Bizink and Danelle Whaanga ACA from Spotlight Reporting will give you the insight and know-how to successfully pick the low hanging fruit.

You will learn how to:

  • Set clear strategic advisory goals for your firm, and clearly articulate this to your team.
  • Identify clients and key criteria for advisory services.
  • Use a Service Opportunity Matrix to to develop a full armoury of advisory services and identify suitable target clients.
  • Execute your strategy with your custom services for targeted clients.

Duration: 40 minutes plus Q&A.


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