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What does the future of advisory look like in a post-pandemic world? Many firms are still facing enormous challenges and have had to quickly adapt to survive. But how do you accelerate business agility when you don't know what lies ahead?

During this webinar we discuss the future of advisory in tough economic times with our guests from Strafin and Armstrong Watson. On this webinar, we discuss:

  • How to adapt to market changes and future-proof your firm.
  • The best ways to respond rapidly and flexibly to customer demands.
  • The best tools to help your clients with business viability and recovery.
  • What accountants should stop doing and start doing going forward.
If your challenge is to adapt and accelerate through these tough economic times, then watch this recording.

About the speakers

Loreena copyLoreena Maguet, Account Manager at Spotlight Reporting
Loreena's core area of expertise is providing strategic advice and nurturing partnerships/relationships with clients. She provides tactical insight to her clients and connects them with the right solutions for long-term success.

Karl_Gebhardt.JPG copyKarl Gebhardt, Founder and Managing Director at Strafin
Karl has helped many businesses with their financial management, enabling them to get a clear picture of profitability and funding needs to survive tough times and generate enough capital to fund expansion.

richard_woolgar copyRichard Woolgar, Head of Management Systems at Armstrong Watson
Richard specialises in non-audit corporate accounts, providing up-to-date management information to clients, and offering Xero and Sage accounts software training and support.

Watch the video