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Cash is King

Cash is the lifeblood of every business. Without liquidity, businesses are left vulnerable to external forces, and have little chance for survival.

This is why cashflow forecasting should be standard practice for every accountant. Spotlight Reporting CEO Richard Francis’ motto is that "cash is king".

In this whitepaper, he explains how to:

  • Embed cashflow forecasting into your firm.
  • Identify what types of forecasting services should be deployed.
  • Overcome obstacles when delivering forecasting services.
  • Unlock the power of ‘what if’ scenario planning.
  • Take advantage of three massive fee revenue opportunities.

Every business client deserves a cashflow forecast. Learn how to make it happen.


Why is cashflow forecasting key to your clients' success


About the author

Richard round 2Richard Francis
CA, CEO of Spotlight Reporting, ex GM of Workpapers for Xero and a Trusted Advisor with over 20 years of advisory experience. As the director of a boutique professional practice, Richard saw a need to improve analysis and forecasting for his clients. This led to the development of Spotlight Reporting, which is now the #1 Reporting and Forecasting App in the Xero Ecosystem.



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