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The world economy has stalled and the flow of goods, services, and people has been severed. Businesses and accounting firms are trying to work through the economic shock, with many rushing to put plans in place as we slide into a global recession.

The economic costs are getting higher each day, which is why Richard Francis (CA and CEO of Spotlight Reporting) shares vital lessons on how to survive, thrive, and recover from a recession.

Richard covers the following:

  • What to ask your accountant if you're a business owner—advice and insight to get right now.
  • How to talk to your clients if you're an accountant— how to be the voice of reassurance and clarity.
  • How to understand, project and protect your cashflow with good, bad and ugly scenarios.
  • What to say to your bank and stakeholders—reconfiguring and renegotiating.
  • How to plan for different outcomes when predicting the path ahead seems impossible.

Get practical advice from a CA and CEO—one that's worked through the GFC and other global shocks. 

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