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Free webinar: Super VCFO overview

Becoming a Trusted Advisor 

Looking to become a trusted advisor to your clients? A key ingredient of becoming a trusted advisor is delivering 'value-add' services by utilising different cloud tools available in the marketplace depending on the reporting needs of your clients.

Join us for this live demo that will give you insight into how our Super Virtual CFO package will enable your firm to deploy value-add advisory services across your client base.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • A short tour of Spotlight's three main tools in 'action' with a focus on highlighting key differences of each. 
  • How to best apply Reporting, Dashboard and Forecasting tools across your client base. 
  • Sample reports to help engage new advisory clients. 
  • Sample Services Opportunity Matrix to design your advisory services.

Each attendee of the webinar will receive a complimentary Spotlight sample report, 'Preparing a successful Spotlight report' checklist and Services Opportunity Matrix template.

Why it is important to be a Trusted Advisor for your client

Our Spotlight Reporting’ Super VCFO package gives Trusted Advisors - the flexibility, a vast amount of reporting options and scalability unmatched in the global marketplace to help you grow your Virtual CFO advisory practice and fee revenue. Join us for this webinar today - start the journey tomorrow.

Feel free to invite your team to this webinar:

31 Jan (Thurs)

10.30am GMT 

For UK accountants

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