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Free download: The Perfect Advisory Meeting

Preparation prevents poor performance. Learn how to structure the perfect advisory meeting. This video will help you with your team training and delivery consistency of appointments.

In this video, our guest speaker Steph Hinds shares her tips and some practical advice that worked well for her team at Growthwise, a leading firm delivering cloud advisory services in Australia. 


In this video, you will learn:

  • Why it is incredibly important to have a structure for your meeting
  • What is meant by 'structure'?
  • The main differences between a new and existing client meeting?
  • The key components of a client meeting
  • Top practical tips which your firm can use for every advisory meeting


1.  Preparation is KEY
2. Have an agenda at EVERY MEETING
3. Follow-up with ACTION POINTS

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 About the guest speaker


Steph Hinds
Managing Director at Growthwise, a leading firm delivering cloud advisory services in Australia. Steph thinks outside the box and is passionate about new technology and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. She loves solving problems as well as helping people and businesses to achieve success.

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